Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the clean program

i decided - after watching an episode of martha stewart a while back - to detox my body and allow for me to discover which foods don't interact well with my system. i bought this book, CLEAN, to help me along such a journey.
essentially, the program that i am completing lasts four days of intensive cleansing: breakfast and dinner are liquids (home-made fresh juices, smoothies, soups) with a solid lunch only eating foods on the "good" list. the "good" list avoids foods which have been known to have negative interactions with people's bodies [things such as: citrus, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, certain types of meat, and processed foods].
i am officially on day 2. after day 4, you slowly (one-by-one) re-introduce foods that you would like to add back in to your diet and journal to see how your body reacts. currently, i am thinking about not adding back in wheat, eggs (at least, not in copious amounts), and processed soy. i already avoided most dairy and all meats except fish.
as far as day 2 goes, it's not a fast, so i haven't been too hungry. and i woke up this morning feeling quite refreshed. the juices and smoothies have been better than expected - great, actually - and the food has been flavorful. i could definitely keep this up!

i would definitely recommend that anyone who has gastrointestinal issues to try the clean program (if you would like, i could send you the list of foods to eat and to avoid and the links to the recipes so that you do not have to buy the book), or anyone open to adjusting their diet for the advantage of their health. i have already convinced my roommate, my friend, and my friend's roommate to do the clean program with me!

i will keep updating about which foods and/or meals i really enjoy and which foods i will begin to avoid.

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Caitlin said...

Hey, this seems interesting. I don't know if I could do without meat but if you get a chance - email me...