Thursday, April 22, 2010

dia de la Tierra

in honor of Earth day (honestly one of my favorite days), i am stealing the following "green" Earth day tips from the NY times - see the full article, here - to share:

1. debate whether addressing climate change is good or bad for the economy (don't forget to READ and teach yourself the facts, first!)

2. go paperless (at least for today!)

3. reflect on what you already know about Earth day, and then commit to make it better

4. plant a tree

5. design an Earth-friendly invention

6. watch Planet Earth, or this documentary, or read poetry about Earth

7. make an effort reduce your carbon footprint (calculate your carbon footprint, here, first!)

8. consider the politics behind climate change. where do you stand? why?

9. examine/research different types of energy sources and pollution. (a good place to begin may be here)

10. track our government's environmental policy - you could start here

**THESE will take time. perhaps vow to do one of these today? i'm going paperless :)

1 comment:

whit said...

oooh ouch. my carbon footprint was looking really good due to the biking/lack of car/vegetarianism, until I got to the flights part. In the last year I took (if I remember correctly) 5 longer flights a 1 shorter one. Simply killed my carbon footprint! I'll have to think twice about that from now on.