Sunday, May 16, 2010


in anticipation of the big move, my mind is (excitedly) running wild with decorating ideas. i've been reading decorating blogs, decorating magazines, and flipping through decorating websites. [house beautiful, anyone??]

i've also been looking through current furnishings of mine and of lisa's to determine what materials we already have and what materials we could add to our new space. i have concluded the following theme would be fun:
coastal africa [definitely NOT safari]

apparently, this is a decor inspiration which has not been done much before (yay!), but that poses some interesting challenges. so, after racking internet pictures - and my brain - i have created the following list of what i think coastal africa should encompass:
  • neutral colors (browns, tans, golds, cremes) with shots of "sea" colors (blues, greens) and a hint of red
  • texture, texture, texture [grass, wood, stone, wicker, textured paint (like sand) etc.]
  • interesting and culturally-relevant artwork [lisa's batiks, one tribal mask]
  • stone or hardwood or concrete flooring with sea grass/sisal rugs
  • tribal patterns on pillows and chairs in neutral colors
  • less is more
  • and, of course, sustainable fabrics/materials, etc. [especially when combined with the use of refurbished vintage/flea market buys]
and, lastly, i developed the following inspiration and design boards. the first is room design, and the second is overall inspiration.


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Anonymous said...

from gramma K, I like the one in the upper right hand corner of the first group. Dream on, Joanna